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welcome back: introducing 'rewriting herstory'

hey friend,

welcome back to my site! i updated my portfolio and changed a few things around. my home page is a highlight of some of my recent work. you can find my info for all bookings in the contact section. take a look: at my projects, design studio, and photo album and let me know what you think! it feels good to share my art with you all under one place and i'm excited for what's to come. thank you to everyone who has been supporting me since day 1 and those of you who have watched me evolve.

my journey to self love and acceptance led me to my art. it's never been easy, but most of the difficulty eased once i embodied the artist i truly am. i'm not sure about what i was running from before or why i was scared to face myself. sometimes i see glimpses of my true self and push through the fear and create. my work reflects me and how i view life. i think that there is more than what meets the eye in every situation. i have always been searching for something more.

there was a point in time. maybe late last year. i was hungry. i was searching. i was willing to do anything just to make sense of that feeling i had. i was lost. extremely lost. and it felt like nothing i was doing was was because i wasn't being myself. i was putting my energy into other people's dreams instead of pursuing my own, i was taking the opinions of others too seriously and neglecting my own. i reached a point where i was forced to stop trying and just be me.

it was hard at first. because of course i have been working on myself for a while now. but i needed to push myself to the next level. collaborating with other artists, and talking about my dreams out loud really helped. having a positive support system fueled me to keep going. and putting myself out there is what really got it started. it's been real.

as i finish the final semester of college, i reflect on the person i have become and what it means to me to express my individuality and share my gifts with the world. in my own words, i took an alternative route through college. it was long but also inspiring. i can and i will write a whole book about it. i think at this point i'm just happy to be done with it all and am just numb. the bumps and turns have taught me a lot ... but most importantly i have learned that i am a student of life. it wasn't all bad and i am grateful for the experience and the people i have met along the way.

as primary research for my senior thesis i had the unique opportunity to interview ten African American women artists about their creative expressions as it relates to social justice and self identity. learning their stories motivated me as an artist and encouraged me to continue to use my voice to share people's message, promote individuality, and raise awareness. ultimately, i hope that my work makes a difference and sparks inspiration for everyone to create.

i am excited to be sharing the stories of these phenomenal women over the next ten weeks!

i hope you enjoy, credit the artist, and please share!!

peace & love,



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